Cipriani: From New York to Beverly Hills

Cipriani: From New York to Beverly Hills

People have been talking about a famous restaurant in New York called Cipriani. Well, it just opened on the West Coast, so you’re in for a treat. Cipriani has a long history and is known for seeing famous people. It has been a favourite spot for both eaters and famous people. Now the magic has spread to Beverly Hills, making it the first Cipriani on the West Coast.

A Look at Cipriani Long and Interesting Past

Giuseppe Cipriani Sr. opened the first Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, in 1931. This is where the Cipriani story starts. Giuseppe Sr. made two famous treats: the Bellini drink, which is a delicious mix of peaches and Prosecco, and carpaccio, a dish made with thinly sliced raw beef. The Cipriani family is still going strong today, with Arrigo, Giuseppe, and his sons Ignazio and Maggio carrying on the tradition.

From Venice to the World: Cipriani’s Presence Around the World

The Cipriani brand has grown around the world over the years, opening stores in Manhattan, Las Vegas, Miami, Mexico City, and several places in Italy, such as Venice and Milan. Now that the Beverly Hills location at 362 North Camden Drive has opened, the West Coast can also enjoy the charm of Cipriani.

Cipriani’s West Coast Gem Is Unveiled in Beverly Hills

The site in Beverly Hills is not like other businesses. Michele Bonan, a famous builder from Florence, worked for a year to turn the old Madeo space into a Cipriani masterpiece. The downstairs bar got a stylish makeover, the main dining room can now fit 114 people, and the kitchen has grown to make sure you have a great meal. The 98-seat jazz cafe on the top floor was created by architect Carlos Almada, who also came up with the ideas for Cipriani’s Socialista lounges around the world. Think of Old Hollywood in the 1920s, with a grand piano setting the scene. In the spring, a covered porch with 80 seats will open at the back of the restaurant so that people can enjoy their meals outside.

Cipriani Beverly Hills’s Delightful Food

Let’s talk about the food, which is the main event. The food at Cipriani Beverly Hills is just as delicious as the food at its other famous sites. Foods like tuna tartare, pasta primavera, baccala mantecato (Venetian salted cod), and the delicious Chilean sea bass a la Carlina come to mind. You might get some real treats from Harry’s Bar in Venice if you’re lucky, like baked tagliolini with gammon and vanilla meringue cake.

Cheers to Cipriani’s Signature Drinks

Cipriani never lets you down when it comes to drinks. The Bellini is the most famous drink, and there’s even a variation called the Harry’s Bar Special Roger. Would you like a Mr. C drink made with prosecco, fresh mandarins, Wheatley vodka, and lemon juice? They’ll take care of you. And, of course, the wine list includes wines from California, Oregon, Argentina, Spain, Chile, and New Zealand, as well as places in France and Italy.

Basically, Cipriani Beverly Hills brings a bit of cooking history, chic style from around the world, and classic charm to the West Coast. Prepare your taste buds for a trip through the best Italian food at Cipriani’s newest hotspot if you happen to be in Beverly Hills. And then, enjoy your meal!