Sakurako: Little Tokyo’s Newest Omakase Spot

Sakurako: Little Tokyo's Newest Omakase Spot

Guess what’s the talk of the town in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles? It’s Sakurako, a swanky new omakase counter that’s causing a stir in the sushi scene. If you’re wondering what “omakase” means, it’s a Japanese dining style where the chef curates a unique dining experience for you. Let’s dive into what makes Sakurako the latest sensation in town.

Chef Kimiyasu’s Culinary Empire

The mastermind behind Sakurako is Chef Kimiyasu. A familiar name if you’ve ever dined at one of his Sushi Enya locations in Beverly Hills, Sawtelle Japantown, Marina del Rey, Pasadena, or Little Tokyo. Now, he’s bringing his culinary prowess to a whole new level with Sakurako. And he’s not alone – Chef Kimi-san has an all-star team with Head Chef Akira Yoshida, Master Chef Tatsuki Kurogi, and Pastry Chef Shota Takaki.

A Peek Inside Sakurako

Sakurako’s interior is all about sophistication, with a low L-shaped wood counter stealing the spotlight. Picture this – a cozy spot where nine lucky diners can savor the culinary magic happening right in front of them. While there are other tables around, Sakurako is currently giving the bar the limelight. It saving the room for larger gatherings in the future.

A Symphony of Flavors: Composed Appetizers

Chef Kurogi takes the lead, crafting six to seven composed appetizers that showcase his skills honed in renowned Osaka restaurants. He’s all about using local ingredients, often snagged from nearby farmers markets. Imagine a feast for your eyes and taste buds. Dishes like komatsuna in dashi broth, wagyu roast beef with egg yolk sauce, and shrimp with baby turnip, kabocha, and snap peas. Oh, and there’s a tale of adventurous river crabs that decided to explore the kitchen during service – talk about fresh!

Sashimi Delights: A Symphony of Freshness

From this point on, the fish dish stays the centre of attention. You might want to try king mackerel pieces with onion sauce, flake salt, and fresh wasabi. Adding amaebi (shrimp), uni sauce and caviar to the dish as a side dish makes it even more enjoyable. You can expect this dish to taste like a symphony of fresh flavours that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

As a result, Sakurako is the place to go for a unique dining experience, whether you love sushi or not. Each visit is guaranteed to be a culinary adventure through the best Japanese food, thanks to Chef Kimiyasu and his professional staff running the kitchen. “Sakurako” is the name of the new gem that was just added to little Tokyo.